The Challenge: Changing the Mindset

 VanessaVanessa was a recent college graduate who moved to Boston with her fiancé.

She hoped to find a job in her chosen field of retail marketing, but when that task became tougher than she’d anticipated, she settled for a job as a receptionist in a big company. Vanessa had hopes that the job would open up new possibilities, but as time went on promotions just kept passing her by.

Over time, Vanessa continued to be buried in work, but she began to lose confidence that she would ever find anything else. She became so stressed, anxious and depressed that she admits she was simply no fun to be around anymore. It got so bad that eventually, her fiancé left her.

Before she knew it, Vanessa found herself living a lifestyle she couldn’t afford anymore. Along with mounting debt, her level of depression grew every day. Vanessa tried a positive thinking technique she’d found on the Internet, but it didn’t help.

She began to believe she couldn’t do any better than she was doing just then — that is until she found Alexia’s NPY ShortCut to Success and Prosperity program.

A New Outlook

It didn’t take long for Vanessa to understand how her negative thoughts and beliefs were holding her back, and why other techniques she had tried before were not working for her.

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To help Vanessa get out of her rut and move forward, the NewPositivelyYou program encouraged her to adopt a new routine that included meditation, affirmations, and mantras. Coupled with Feng Shui techniques, Vanessa began to understand how simple yet powerful changes could make her more efficient and more positive about life.

The program helped Vanessa discover that the core of her issues with success and money stemmed from her own fears and wrong belief systems — and by turning those belief systems around, she was able to instantly get back her self-esteem.

Very suddenly, Vanessa came to understand that she did indeed possess the power to change her life, her financial situation, and her well-being.

The Power of Belief

Today, Vanessa remains a believer in the power of believing in yourself. Sometimes, it just takes another person — or a guided program — to remind you of what you already knew!

Within one month, Vanessa’s life completely turned around.

After doing the work to change her outlook, some miraculous things began to happen. With her outlook oriented toward the positive, Vanessa found a new job opportunity within the company she was already working in.

In fact, she discovered that the main reason she’d been passed over for other promotions in the past wasn’t because of her shortcomings — it was because one of the managers had noticed her skills, and was waiting for the right opportunity to give her a new position. It wasn’t that her company didn’t believe in her — it was just that someone else needed to leave the company to open up the right position!

But that wasn’t the only door that opened. With her newfound confidence, Vanessa had been steadily increasing her social and professional contacts in her field, which led to yet another job offers in retail marketing. Where she was once in despair about her dead-end job, Vanessa now found herself with two offers on the table!

Needless to say, this gave her, even more, confidence, and she eventually accepted the offer with her current employer.

The new job came with a 50 percent salary raise; plus, bonuses she had never had access to before.

With her new job, Vanessa was able to move into a new home closer to work, pay all of her debt, and even start a new relationship with her soon-to-be husband.

With a few powerful changes, a new, confident, successful person was born.