10 Affirmations to Make You Financially Successful

In this article, as its headline bravely states, you will be given (my personal favorite) ten affirmations, meant for financial success. I will also briefly explain how these affirmations work, why they were put together in this manner and why I like them so much.

Practice them, adjust them according to your personal goals, repeat them as many times as you like. Just remember to use no more than three affirmations per day and don’t forget to feel positive in the process. Any emotions like joy, happiness, satisfaction and so on will work just fine.

Ever wondered how to use affirmations correctly? Learn all about it here.


I am constantly receiving more than enough money to live happy and wealthy life.

This one has word “constantly” in it, to indicate that income can come at any time, all the time. I replaced “earning” with “receiving” because money can come from different sources in different shapes and forms (such as gifts, bonuses and so on). Feel free to replace “money” with “income” and “wealthy” with “prosperous.” In any case, this terminology opens doors for numerous financial opportunities to head your way.


My income is growing and multiplying every hour, every day.

Here all is pretty clear. It opens our subconscious for receiving.


I accept prosperity and wealth with gratitude and enjoyment.

This affirmation will be especially helpful for those who have issues with self-esteem. It can also serve as a test to see if you have trouble accepting the fact that you deserve money or that having money is good for you. If you are not in a complete peace while reading the above, you should proceed to repeat this affirmation daily, until it feels right.

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I embrace an everlasting flow of abundance with every breath I take.

I like this affirmation a lot. Because it binds words with physical activity, you do all the time. You breathe, and you will be breathing as long as you live. But now with every breath, you take you will feel Universe working its way to make your life amazing. Another thing I like is the use of the word “abundance.” It’s not limited to money and can mean so much more than just financial benefit.

TIP: Try to combine this affirmation with simple visualization; imagine inhaling soft golden light or golden dust mist while repeating this statement. You can also visualize this through the day while doing something else.

[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]The word “abundance” is not limited to money. It can mean so much more than just financial benefit.[/Tweet]


My life is filled with success and financial opportunities.

An affirmation like this one can be invaluable for those who feel the lack of opportunities in their financial life. According to your personal needs, you can swap “financial” with “business” or “career” if you seek promotion, new job or any kind of breakthrough with your business.

Success Affirmations Will Change Your Life


I am prosperous and successful in everything I do. I feel happy about myself.

Here’s another affirmation that indicates your level of self-confidence and self-esteem. But in this case, it goes beyond liberating you off limiting beliefs; it also attracts prosperity and success. Although it’s acceptable to use “my life” instead of “myself,” you should only do this if you feel completely comfortable while stating “myself,” otherwise it shows that you need to work on your self-confidence first.


I love and accept money. I deserve to be wealthy.

Yet another affirmation to test how comfortable you feel about money itself. It happens (and quite often) that we grow up thinking money is evil somehow or that people mostly become spoiled by riches. These and similar limiting beliefs are seriously dangerous. Getting rid of them is essential to financial freedom and success.


Money comes to me effortlessly, from everywhere, all the time.

A great affirmation for those who merely seek to have more money. You can switch “money” for “income,” but I personally prefer money in this case. “From everywhere” indicates that sources for actual income are unlimited.


I choose to be wealthy and successful. I am in control of my life.

It’s perfect for moments when you are ready and willing to begin a new chapter of your life. I highly recommend it for those who went or going through an extended period of financial troubles. This brave statement sends a clear message to the Universe that you are ready for some or better yet, massive positive change to happen.

Here’s an idea: Say you are looking to improve your love life or health, try “I choose to love and be loved.” or “I choose to be healthy” instead.


I am blessed with wealth and success. My income is constantly growing.

When it comes to finances and success, this affirmation is definitely one of my all-time favorites. It has all components of great positive affirmation and is indeed universal for every situation where money needs to be attracted. Saying that you are blessed means that you are accepting and appreciating your wealth and success in various shapes and forms. In addition, the second part of this affirmation works perfectly as your personal income generating mantra.

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Here you have it – 10 affirmations to make you financially successful, hope you try them, and when you do, I am sure you will enjoy results. I’m curious to learn which one of these affirmations you like or/and use. Share your experience in the comment section and feel free to drop me a line should you have any questions, suggestions or simply wish to say hello.

Spoiler Alert

Next time we will be talking about things that successful women do and why you should do the same if you want to succeed. You really don’t want to miss this one! Until then,

>>>>Wishing You Luck, Love and Success!<<<<

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