How You Can Stop Overthinking and Become Successful?

When you start putting the law of attraction into practice, sometimes it can be frustrating when it appears not to work as fast as you expected. Here frustration almost always results in overthinking, This makes you uneasy and even depressed, hence further holding you back from achieving success. Perhaps, some of you know exactly what I’m talking about; there are times, especially in the beginning, when you become too anxious about getting your life back on track, so you start to doubt and overthink the very approach of a positive mindset.

Let’s suppose you are in a particularly tricky financial situation and your goal is to manifest more income. You work on it as hard as you can, but nothing really changes, at least right away. And then you notice negative emotions slowly taking over, generating thoughts like ‘I want money,’ ‘I need money right now,’ ‘Is this working?’ Am I even doing it right?’, ‘How long is it going to take?’. Think about how extremely damaging it can be to the entire process of your new mindset; considering you can only attract prosperity by having a positive outlook on what is happening now and what is to come.

Needless to say, that doubt frustration, anxiety and depression are not getting you anywhere near success. Hence, you may be wondering, how to use the law of attraction without overthinking?

Ease Your Mind (Don’t Overthink)

When you’re seeking to escape problems and financial difficulties it may be challenging to find the right balance. So, what should you do to avoid overthinking? As a matter of fact, the answer is quite simple; you have to stop focusing on negative thoughts.

Tell Me About It!

I realize that it sounds like a strange statement, but when it comes to overthinking, ignoring doubtful thoughts happens to be the best approach. What should you focus on instead? Your emotions, of course. We know that the Universe primarily responds to what we feel, therefore when you experience frustration it may be best to take a step back and relax.

Allow yourself to cool down then concentrate on positive emotions. Focus on your goals, think about how good it will be once you come to attaining them. Close your eyes and breathe. You know that everything is not a solution, it’s not getting you anywhere. A positive approach is the only way. You can now allow these pleasant feelings to generate new thoughts. I strongly advise affirmations to help you with this task.

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You are always more likely to manifest faster results when you stop worrying about your thoughts and focus on feelings instead. Thus, naturally improving your beliefs about life, income, and success. Instead of thinking about how much you want and need to get something, concentrate on being positive, believe that things are being shifted in your favor without you even knowing about it yet. Sometimes, depending on your circumstances, these, so-called arrangements take time. Have patience and keep the faith, your time might be just around the corner.

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The Ball Is In Your Court

While it may seem that besides staying positive there’s only so much you can do, it is not necessarily so. Indeed, there is a number of ways you can influence the situation. Let’s see what they are.


This trick is simple but surprisingly helpful. If you ever find yourself feeling frustrated about something, try to take a step back and think objectively. Ask yourself ‘Will this issue still be relevant in a year from now?’ Often, the answer will be NO. So why wouldn’t you let it go? I mean, you don’t have to wait a year or so to stop worrying about something? Especially if there’s nothing else, you could do. Expand your perspective and stop wasting energy on things that don’t require your attention. Instead, focus your energy on positive things. I am pretty sure there is someone or something already in your life that can bring a smile to your lovely face.


II have seen many people over the years that find it hard to reach the stage of ‘get up and go.’ Instead, they take their time and don’t get anything done. To be completely honest I have the first-hand experience with procrastination. Even if sometimes it can actually play to your advantage, mostly procrastination can resume in unpleasant consequences.

Read more about procrastination and how to deal with it.

One of many ways to prevent this from happening is to set yourself deadlines. This approach can be beneficial when you wish to remain efficient. Completing your tasks on time can improve your mood and self-confidence. You will feel good about being productive, hence enhancing your chances for overall success.

ControlControlling your life is not always a positive thing.

Control or lack thereof plays a significant role in anyone’s life. As former control freak and perfectionist, I’ll give you my advice regarding control – let it go! Trying to control every single thing and outcome in your life can become unhealthy (to say the least) and especially frustrating when things don’t go your way.

You have to realize that sometimes things you will not get what you want. But keep in mind that there can be s number of reasons why. First being; maybe what you want is not exactly what you need. Or perhaps the timing is just not right. Or it can be that life is teaching you a valuable lesson. Regardless of “the why” the best thing to do is to move on and focus on things you can manage.

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Meditation can have unexpected benefits for debt consolidation.

Only ten minutes per day can help with stress and anxiety

If you find yourself overthinking on a regular basis, try to increase the time you are spending on meditation. When you are meditating and focusing on your breathing, your emotions, and goals, you are at your calmest, happiest and relaxed too. Meditation is the best positive mindset tool and should be mandatory for everyone who strives for prosperity and success.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article and I would really love to hear about your experience. Do you find yourself overthinking things a lot? How do you deal with this issue? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or drop me a line through a contact form, And check out other cool content on New Positively You.

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