Overthinking Is Not Getting You Anywhere

Let me start this by asking; has anything good ever come from overthinking in your life? I don’t even need to explain my reasoning as I know that nothing good can ever come from overthinking. When you start to put the law of attraction into practice, sometimes it can be frustrating as you think it isn’t working and then you tend to overthink which can actually push you further away from your dreams than at the start. If you have started already then you may know exactly what I am talking about; sometimes you can get frustrated that your positive thoughts aren’t working and that you are wasting your time.

For example, if you wanted to manifest some money and you are in a particularly tricky financial situation, you start to become impatient when no changes are being made. These thoughts then spiral off into negative comments such as ‘I want money’, ‘I need money right now’, ‘Is this working? Am I even doing it right?’ and ‘How long is this going to take?’ This can be extremely damaging to the whole process as you can only manifest something when you are thinking and feeling positively like when you are meditating. When you start to experience the thoughts mentioned above, you are not in a positive state of mind and so will not be able to manifest your original requests. 


So you may be wondering, how do I use the law of attraction without overthinking? At the moment you may find that it is hard to find the right balance. The answer is relatively simple in that you shouldn’t be focusing on your thoughts. Now even I realise that it sounds like a strange statement seeing as though this is a book all about the power of positive thinking but when it comes to overthinking, it is much better to consider how you are feeling. As we have discovered, the universe only reacts to positive feeling so if you start to feel frustrated then it may be time to take a step back and relax. Try to calm yourself down and find that positivity once more as that is what the universe will respond to. When you do this, you will find that certain things start to turn in your favour. Try to make it your goal to be happy and positive for as much of the day, month and year as possible.


Also, in just the same way positive thoughts will lead to positive feeling, the opposite is also true. If you start to feel positive you are more likely to be hit with lots of positive thoughts thus also increasing the positive thoughts occurring regarding the money that you so desperately need (using the example). In fact, in situations when people try to make you feel good before asking for a favour proves this existence. How many times have you been in the situation when someone offers you a compliment about how you are looking before asking a favour? My guess is quite a lot as I have been in the same situation and I have also done the buttering up before asking for a favour myself. In principle, this uses the exact same idea because they are trying to put you in a good mood knowing that you will be more likely to say ‘yes’ to whatever their question may be.

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In summary, you are more likely to see results if you stop worrying about your thoughts and instead pay more attention on how you are feeling as this will naturally improve the thoughts that you are having. Ultimately, instead of thinking about how much you want and need that money, concentrate on being in a good mood and the thoughts will happen anyway; it is the simple push/pull theory.


However, despite all this, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about what you want to manifest at all. It just means that when you think about the goal before you are feeling good, you are putting the destination before the journey. The only question you need to ask yourself is ‘do I feel happy right now?’ all the other questions that lead to negativity should be forgotten as they are never going to help. If you feel good then you are doing absolutely fine, however, if you don’t feel good or are just ‘getting by’, move on to something that will improve your mood.


I have also listed for you a number of potential problems that you may run into along the way and ways to solve this problem. These are potential tricky situations that could lead to a downfall in your mood but I have got you covered and provided you with ways to change your mind-set so that you are as positive as can be!


Perspective – If you ever feel yourself getting frustrated with something, try to take a step back and think objectively removing all emotion from the equation. Ask yourself ‘is this really going to affect me further down the line? Often, the answer will be no and you are getting yourself worked up in a situation where it isn’t really required. Try to widen your perspective and stop wasting energy on things that don’t need it, instead, focus your energy on positive things that will brighten your mood and bring you happiness.


Procrastination – I have seen many people over the years that find it hard to reach the stage of ‘get up and go’ and instead they walk around quite lethargic and don’t get anything done. Often, the amount of work that is required sends you into a state of mind where you can’t find the energy to get started.


To prevent this from happening, try to set yourself deadlines. Whether it is every single week or even down to a day to day basis, set some deadlines to ensure that you remain efficient. The fact that you are getting jobs done alone will improve your mood as you will feel productive and as though you are moving closer to your goal no matter how small or medial the task is.


Control – Control is a big factor in any walk of life and in particular the lack of it that you may have in some scenarios of your life. Trying to control every single eventuality and outcome of life can become unhealthy and also frustrating when things don’t go your way. You have to realise that sometimes things don’t go your way, whether it is a mistake or even just an external factor which you couldn’t have factored into your plans. For this reason, it is important that you don’t treat mistakes as the end of the road but instead, as a stumbling block that you can learn from and makes you stronger. Look at some people that you admire in life, this could be family, friends or even people that you look up to in your desired field. Realise that they have all made mistakes and have all been in situations where they had to grow as a person. Many of the stories that you hear about troubled upbringings and such within people who are celebrated in their field tell you one thing; that they didn’t let that get them down and instead, carried on even harder than before to become the person they wanted to be.


No Rash Decisions – There may be times along your journey where you are forced into a decision about something but this doesn’t mean that you have to make a decision that you are uncomfortable with. In these situations, take a step back and think about what you are being asked and if you have to, take yourself out of the situation so that you can think a bit clearer.


It may even be that you are lying at home and you start to get negative thoughts flying around your head. Instead of acting on them, work out the cause of the negativity and find a work-around. Maybe you are just tired or hungry; treating this will be much easier than treating the possible outcome of making the wrong decision.


Meditate – If you find yourself overthinking on a regular basis, try to increase the time you are spending on the meditation mat. When you are meditating and focusing on your breathing as well as your main goal, I’m sure you will agree that this is when you are at your calmest, maybe happiest and relaxed too.


Friends – If you have a whole group of friends, the moment you feel as though you are overthinking, call up one of your friends that has a free will and doesn’t tend to overthink. Surrounding yourself by the right people is key to success in much of life and if you can be around people who are more ‘doers’ than ‘thinkers’, it could really freshen your perspective and lift some weight from your shoulders.

Alexia Stravinsky

My name is Alexia Stravinsky and I’m the founder and author of NewPositivelyYou.com and NPYAcademy.com

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