How Life Coaching Can Help You? What Is Spiritual Coaching?

Maybe you heard this term before or maybe it comes as something completely new, but I am pretty sure that you are impatient to learn what life coaching could do for you and your life?

We all know that in order to get somewhere, we need a map, or in other words a plan. A plan with executable steps that could easily be turned into action.

  • But do we always have that plan?
  • Are we always able to figure out right steps? Then fuel them with motivation to set the action in motion?
  • Moreover, can we say that we are sure at all times about our desired destination? Is it always the one we really need to get to?

More than too often answers to those questions remain foggy at best. That is where and why you should be looking for someone qualified to help you with these tasks. A life coach can be your best choice, but let me explain further.

What is Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a powerful process that should be applied by trained, certified professionals to help you get from point “A” (wherever you are right now) to wherever your destination point may be. And do that ASAP.

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A great life coach can help you to:

  • Define your goals and life purpose
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Positively transform any area of your life
  • Find best ways to attain goals
  • Be motivated, objective-focused
  • Achieve, overachieve and lead
  • Improve relationships with your inner self and outer world

And so much more…

When choosing your life coach, make sure that:

  • You like them. If you do not feel comfortable and at ease with your coach find someone else
  • They have extensive experience in coaching people like you
  • They are qualified to do the job (Are they certified? What kind of life do they live (in other words, do they “walk the walk”?)
  • You are ready for coaching, meaning if you willing to commit to your part of the job?

And this brings us to….

Why your commitment is important

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Your motivation and action are the most important elements of life coaching

While your life coach can do a lot when it comes to motivating you, showing you correct methods, plans, and mental exercises, the implementing part will still be on you. That is why you have to be ready to work closely with your coach and actively follow measures and directions needed to achieve your goal or goals.

Although many other services and products can be made for you by other people, you are the only person who can build your life and future. Help, guidance, and support are all important, and will certainly be provided by a talented life coach of your choosing, but you are the one who will eventually make it happen. Your life is your responsibility, and it is within your capacity to change the way things are.

If you believe it, you can transform ordinary day by day struggles to the extraordinary way of living. Just the way you have always wanted. Tell me, when you think of a possibility to completely transform your life, do you:

  • Feel the energy running through your veins?
  • Feel something moving deep inside of you?
  • How bad do you want that new job, that beautiful house, that amazing relationship, that successful life you know you deserve?

See, that is where your commitment coming from. Are your ready to act upon your dreams? To follow the plan? To do what it takes so you could thrive and prosper? If the answer is yes, then you are going to do a great job with good life coach by your side!

What is Spiritual Life Coaching

This kind of coaching goes beyond material values and is based on a belief that all our experiences originate from our inner Universe. In other words, an outer transformation is never fully completed without having to deal with one’s inner issues and particularities.[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]Outer transformation is never fully completed without having to deal with one’s inner issues and particularities.[/Tweet]


Spiritual life coaching goes deeper by unveiling hidden layers of personality. It often results in unexpected revelations binding together all elements needed for you to live full, happy, all-round successful life. It helps to answer questions like:

  • What is your purpose in life?
  • Why are these troubles happening to you over and over again?
  • What do you have to learn to shift your current situation?
  • Why relationships with others are so important your life improvement and how to make it happen?
  • Do your goals match what you need to attain harmony and ultimate happiness?
  • How to make your positive results stay and avoid so-called “reshoots” into negativity?

…talking about negativity, let’s quickly overview what a good life coach shouldn’t be doing.

What a good life coach should never (ever) do

I remember a famous TV show about plastic surgeons. In one of the episodes, these doctors admitted that nearly 20 percent of their job consists of correcting mistakes made by other surgeons. Anyone would agree that when it comes to our physical health a choice of a medical doctor, be it a physician or a surgeon, is really important for the end-result. But what happens when it comes to our spiritual well-being or our life in general? Shouldn’t we be as careful when we are looking for life advisor or life coach?

Right Life Coaching NPY

Discover correct life coaching approach at NPY

Of course! Browse the web and you will surely find many horror stories about ruined lives and careers, people going broke, ending up unhappy and blaming life coaches for their failure. Makes me sad to say, but upon reading these stories or hearing about similar experiences some of my clients had with other professionals, I always find that a crucial mistake was made by both parties involved. that mistake is: not knowing what the purpose of life coaching is!

Surely, it’s disappointing, but some coaches don’t exactly understand their role, and this often leads to overdoing, yet, never in a good way. Most of the time it means that there was some problem with professional training or the coach in question, was not even certified by any accredited coaching organization.

On the other hand, clients are not always well-informed about what life-coaching means and that eventually leads to wrong expectations and wrong choice of advisor. If only they knew what life and spiritual coaches should never do, they would notice important red flags right from the start and would avoid any possible damage.

So, what are those, so-called red flags? There are two main issues that you should be cautious about when interacting with your life coach.  

A Good Life Coach Should Never:

Make choices on your behalf or tell you what to do or how to act in any situation.

What does it mean? A life coach is there to help YOU to find proper solutions and motivate you towards the achievement of your goals. A true professional will work closely with you to determine what kind of action plan is best and what is the quickest way for to get what you desire. But the choice is always YOURS. So, upon any circumstance, they should never insist on what you have or need to do. Even if it is presented in the form of an advice or simple opinion. So, when your life coach tells you to quit your job, stay in or end a relationship, move to another city and so on, you should know that it’s highly incorrect and unprofessional for them to act this way.

Criticize, evaluate or judge you

What does it mean? I believe that this is obvious, but not some much for many of us. Simply because we often mistake a role of a life coach for a role of therapist or psychiatrist. A life coach will not be the one to fix you, your life, your physical or psychological health, despite the fact that all these areas may highly improve as a result of life coaching. Because, once again, YOU will be the one to make those positive changes. A life coach will be providing you with TOOLS (exercises, guidelines and so on) but it’s for you to act upon it. Hence, a life coach is not there to make any negative remarks about you or your environment.

For example, if a life coach thinks that their client could highly benefit from being nicer to people around, they would not say that a client is rude and should change their behavior. Instead, they would ask, what does a client think about expressing warm feelings towards other people, would they think it could be beneficial and would he or she like to try this approach to see if it brings any positive change.

What kind of Life Coaching NPY Programs and Plans Are Based On?

Over the years of practice, I have developed my own style and approach when it comes to life coaching. Original NPY online programs and private sessions are unique in their substance with particular attention to end results, combining spiritual and traditional techniques, precise action plans and execution methods. They were designed for women just like you and me, living in the modern world environment, burdened with all kinds of stressful situations in their everyday life, wishing to obtain their share of peace and happiness. 

Learn about available programs, courses, and private sessions today.

If you still have any questions, comments concerning life coaching or any other request or suggestion you are most welcome to leave a comment below or simply send me your message by using the contact form here.

>>>>Wishing You Luck, Love and Success!<<<<

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Lilly N.

Actually, your thoughts about life coaching are interesting. I have met with a life coach here in UK and it didn’t work, but after reading this I kinda get why.

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