How to Make a “Treasure Map”? A Map That Leads to Your Dreams

We all know by now that the law of attraction means that ‘like attracts like’ meaning that if you think and talk positively, good things will happen in return. The idea of ‘treasure mapping’ follows this idea and takes it up to the next step. In recent years, treasure mapping has become extremely popular as it involves creating a collection of images, words, and phrases that each represents something significant when it comes to achieving a dream life. In the same way that a road map helps you to get to a destination, this treasure map will lead you to all the things that you want in life.


Treasure maps, otherwise known as vision boards or collages, have a primary aim of guiding you to the things that you want but also serve as motivation as you should keep it somewhere that you will see it on a regular basis. This will serve as a constant reminder of where you eventually want to be and it can help with your meditating as you visualise the future.

How to Create a Treasure Map

Think back to when you were a child, what would your response be if someone said ‘let’s make a treasure map’? I can almost guarantee that you are even getting a little bit excited at the thought of creating one now and this process should be just as fun. A treasure map is easy to create and is often unnecessarily overcomplicated; try to choose symbols that represent the different areas of your life. For example, for the area that relates to your planned relationship, you could choose an image of a couple walking along the beach hand in hand or something along these lines. Alternatively, you could choose an inspirational quote that is directly linked to relationships or even a line from a movie that signifies love.


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When creating your treasure map, I recommend using the principles of Feng Shui which can enhance the energy of the whole process. Feng Shui suggests different placements for each image, quote or word depending on what it is aiming towards. Firstly, you should start with a photo of yourself and place that in the centre of the treasure map. From here it goes as so:


Money – in the upper left corner

Love and Relationship – in the upper right corner

Work and Career – underneath your photo

Guidance – in the bottom right corner

Knowledge and Studies – in the bottom left corner

Children – to the right of your photo

Family – to the left of your photo

Memory – Above your photo


Once you include something for every single topic, whether it is an image, quote, word or phrase, you will be well on the way as you can keep the map somewhere that you will see it on a regular basis and you can use it to motivate you. You could even hang it up on the wall so it hangs as pride of place in your place of home.


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