What You Need to Know About Feng Shui Cures?

Feng Shui cures, also known as adjustments and enhancements, can help you to improve the energy in your home; the most common examples are lights, mirrors, sounds, colors and various symbols. But what exactly are we talking about here?

This topic reminds me, of a conversation I had with one of my friend’s. A few years ago, Erica and I were sitting at the beach bar in Alicante. We took a weekend off to escape Geneva and were spending some quality time on Spanish shores. As it often happens when two old-time girlfriends come together, we talked about anything and everything, just chilling after traditional midday siesta. It was a casual talk overall until… well, until she asked about that beautiful Buddha fountain on my summer terrace and triptych flower painting in the bedroom.

I remember my friend asking something like: “Ok, I see, so this Feng Shui thing works for you, but for me, it seems too complex.” I replied with my usual “Tell me more about what makes you feel uncomfortable about it?”, phrase. Just like so many of my clients, in the beginning, she mumbled: “You, know, problems, like your bathroom, is opposite the bedroom or wrong direction of the door and things like that. So, I prefer not to think about it at all.” After pausing for a split second, she added, “Are there any perfect places to live, according to Feng Shui, anyway? Honestly, how did you managed to get a perfect flat for yourself? Has to be a kind of magic, if it works so well for you.”

Feng shui is very similar to visualization

Talking about symbols and feng shui cures. This picture brings back good memories and inspires to think about holidays by the sea.

Before I get to the part of how I answered this one, let me quickly tell you about how unbearably complicated it is to find just any place to live if you are planning to stay in Geneva. Those of you living in cities like New York, LA, London, and Paris, can relate to what I am talking about. The point is, finding any deaccent place to rent (or buy, if you will) is extraordinarily difficult. Hence, making it Feng Shui friendly seems pretty much impossible. (Or is it?)

So, is it a magic trick after all? And if it is how does work? The answer is – Yes! Because – feng shui cures! Basically, you can solve, correct or manage any feng shui related issue, with only a few exceptions. Therefore, finding a perfect place to live becomes at the very least a manageable task. It’s my favorite part about adapting Feng Shui to everyday life. Ok, enough talk, let’s get to the business.

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Music is a great way to change or positively affect the atmosphere in a room. If you listen to relaxing music, you can mellow the energies and keep them flowing freely. If you choose your favorite music, you will be more relaxed thus helping the atmosphere.


This can help to reflect the energies in a room as well as multiply them. Mirrors can work as a powerful tool in feng shui, but you have to be very careful when applying them. There are specific rules you should follow to avoid creating any undesirable outcome.

Living Things

Plants, pets, and animals will all help to control the energy in a particular room. For example, fish tank with golden fishes can help you to neutralize negativity related to income. While plants will allow you to create a pleasant and cozy environment, along with correcting some feng shui problems. If you find that taking care of living things is too complicated, use their depictions (symbols) as substitutes.


These will ‘lift’ the energy and help it to circulate the room, as well as around the whole house. Crystals and wind chimes are widely known to have the exceptional effect on most negative situations in Feng Shui. They can enhance energy flows and create positive vibes where and when needed.

Feng shui cures can be awesome

Feng shui cures can come in many shapes and forms.


Colour is vibration, so this will have a significant effect on your home. Apply colors to enhance different areas of your home. Make sure to use colors appropriate to each feng shui sector. 

Moving Objects

Moving objects include water fountains, windsocks and even something practical like a ceiling fan. The movement will help to activate the energy in a given room. Just make sure the room in question is not cluttered and clean before turning on the fan.


As discussed in previous articles, it includes symbols that bear relevance to the Bagua map as well as ones that mean something to you.

Important notice: before you start applying cures in your home though, you have to remember to clear all clutter beforehand; otherwise they will struggle to get to work. The effect is even worse if you install a mirror while your home is still cluttered. You should also keep the word ‘balance’ at the forefront of your mind as not to overdo it with the cures. Just as with the Feng Shui Zones, try to place one or two at a time to receive the maximum benefit. When you install the item, you need to thank it beforehand for what it is about to do for you (e.g., thank you for the promotion at work). Finally, have fun with this and don’t set yourself too many rules, as long as you follow the couple that I have mentioned, you are all good to go.

Share in the comment section below, what you think about Feng Shui cures? Do you use them? Do you find them easy to apply?

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