ShortCut TM Online Courses

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ReBoot TM Live Coaching Plans

Need even faster results? Have trouble defining your goals? Need personalized approach? Struggle to get new ideas, inspiration, motivation? Need personal advice and support on your road to success? We got it covered! Discover NPY Academy's plans for live skype sessions with Alexia Stravinsky and start you new life NOW!

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NPY Academy's Books, Downloads and More

When you are going through an important transition you will always need as many useful relevant resources as possible. That is why lots of research is constantly done on your behalf to gather content that will be of great help on your road to success, self confidence, love, personal transformation or whatever goal you set for yourself. Beside articles published on NewPositivelyYou blog you get access to downloadable books and media. 

Most of that content is completely free because we value your success and progress as if it was our own!

We are sure you will find loads of useful content packed with creative solutions fun and easy to adapt and apply.