3 Ways Positive Mind-Set Can Help You With Debt

3 Ways Positive Mind-Set Can Help You With Debt

Last time we tapped into a significant issue that is indebtedness, and steps to start getting out of it (if you missed it, catch up here). As promised, in this article, we will discuss three essential ways positive mindset can help you with debt. Furthermore, we will touch on few mind-altering methods designed to help you gaining (or regaining) financial stability. Because while getting out of debt may be a predominant issue for you right now, learning to stay out of it can considerably improve your life in the future. Since I am sure, you are anticipating and ready, let’s begin, shall we?


Stress and Anxiety Relief

Stress often becomes a number one problem for those of us who are dealing with debt and budget deficit overall. In this situation, we can quickly become overwhelmed by the sensation of helplessness and fall into negativity even further. Where does it bring us? To more frustration, more stress, more anxiety and as it often happens to even greater indebtment.

The dreadful feeling that everything you own can now be in danger of disappearing may result in further issues with physical and mental health. None would argue that owing money is never a pleasant business. Not to mention your creditors, going after you and unceasingly reminding of your dues can drive you insane.

In order to come up with any decent solution to perpetuating money problems, you must achieve a certain level of peacefulness. Only then you will be able to think straight and create an action plan to escape financial difficulties. That is where positive thinking (aka success mindset) can become your greatest asset to establishment of a debt-free, financially stable environment for you and your family.


Everyone who ever tried meditation is aware of its amazing benefits. Dedicate at least ten minutes out of your busy day to meditation, and witness your inner state coming into balance along with your outer world positively transforming step by step. I know that for some people even ten to fifteen minutes a day might seem like a lot, but the outcome is absolutely worth it.

If you are experiencing extreme lack of energy and time, try to do it when lying in bed before you fall asleep or set your alarm just a bit earlier in the morning. Not only it induces better sleep or/and improves your mood upon waking up, but this also arguably the best time to exercise meditation.

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At the same time, you may not believe, but meditating can be surprisingly simple, even in you’ve never done this before. Moreover, meditation works even better when combined with other powerful positive mindset techniques. What are they? You’ll find out in the third part of this article.

Gaining Control

Meditation can have unexpected benefits for debt consolidation.

Only ten minutes per day can help with stress and anxiety, hence helping you to overcome emotional component of indebtment

In addition to meditation, positive mindset provides you with stress relief by giving you structure. Think of it as of a backbone for the creation of your financially successful future. It happens almost automatically when you start practicing positive mindset. That is because mindset tools require you to define clear goals, create steps to carry them out and manage time so you could be able to accomplish it all even with a busy schedule.

By practicing positive money mindset, you are creating new habits and routines, thus acquiring financial self-awareness, learning to schedule daily activities and plan your future. Essential skills for someone who is determined, and ready to get rid of their debts.

Although it all sounds promising, can you really achieve stress-free life if your mind is cluttered with negative beliefs about wealth and your self-esteem? Let’s see how success mindset can help us with that.


Eliminating Limiting Beliefs 

Changing the way you view money

The first step to financial stability is repealing wrong beliefs about wealth, money and even yourself.

Thing is, our debts don’t just generate themselves out of nowhere, even though, at times it may seem like they are. In reality debts, financial problems or problems overall are a by-product of our actions, thoughts, and feelings. Now, I am pretty sure that some of you are reading this while thinking, “Oh, no, you don’t know my circumstances” or “I am in this debt because of other people or factors (parents, fraud, law loophole and so on).” I hear you, and understand how you feel. I really do. 

In the past, there was a time when I felt like my financial troubles came from, but were not limited to, the fact that I was brought up in a low-income family. All I had, to begin with, were debts. How was this my responsibility? If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you already know the answer, but I don’t mind briefly explaining it here.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, your mind sets up your life. How? Law of attraction! In other words; you are what you believe you are, you get what you feel deserving. It does work this way. Always. It does not mind you being ignorant about it or not putting faith in it. Law of attraction merely abides by fundamental laws of physics.

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The point is, you do have a say in this process. Once you are aware of the existence of the law of attraction, you can use it to your advantage or go on ignoring it. But now that you have this knowledge, why would you not use it to transform your life into what you want it to be? Positive money mindset provides financial relief by helping you to get rid of such limiting beliefs as:

  • I am never going to earn enough to provide for me (and my family).
  • People are not created (meant to be) equal – some are made for wealth and others to be deprived of it.
  • Getting out of debt is nearly impossible in this economy, so I should not count on financial success anytime soon (or at all).

And so on…

FACT: Kids from wealthy families are far more likely to continue being wealthy, even when odds cease being in their favor (for example, failing economy or their own bankruptcy). That is because they grew up acquiring an entirely different set of beliefs. They know that their goals are achievable if they put their mind, creativity and work to it. They do not doubt deserving wealth and success. People brought up in well-off circumstances believe that their only option is to succeed, so that is what they usually end up doing. My personal favorite example in this regard is that of Conrad Hilton.

Regardless of how bad your situation might be right now; positive mindset will replace these wrongful convictions with a positive outlook on life and money. Work on your inner transformation and results shall manifest a lot quicker than you could ever imagine.

Of course, limiting beliefs are not going to simply vanish by magic. So how are we supposed to deal with them? This question leads us to powerful mindset techniques I mentioned earlier and brings us to the next section of this article.


Providing Tools for Income Generation

When you come across the concept of positive mindset regarding anything; money, love, work, family or debt, you automatically understand how negative your previous mindset was concerning every or almost every issue you had to resolve. Then you begin to feel the urgency to start taking measures to correct your current problems. In our case, to become debt free.

We already know that positive mindset provides us with stress and anxiety relief through meditation and creates new positive habits through discipline. Here we get to the so-called sweet spot of mind shifting process because following two methods can work miracles, with the condition that if you use them correctly.


Affirmations are a critical part of your positive transformation process. The best thing about them is that they are flexible and you can (and should) adapt them to your particular circumstances.

Advance in life by using affirmations

When you start using affirmations, you are always getting positive results. And then you have no choice but applying them daily. Because; why would you ever stop?

Affirmations are formed by your (new) set of beliefs transferred into positive statements. Statements that you repeat in a particular manner and sometimes at a specific time of the day. They are bound to create your new reality. So rest assured, that getting rid of debt is just one of many changes this practice is capable of delivering.

When creating your affirmations, don’t forget to make them as positive as possible. Meaning, exempt of all negative words such as debt, lack, difficulties, and problems.

For example:

DON’T STATE: I successfully got rid of my debts.

INSTEAD USE: I earn more than enough to easily pay my bills.

TIP: To create correct affirmations keep your focus on results rather than the process itself. In this case, think about how would it be to live debt free. Concentrate on a positive feeling you get when you think of trouble-free life and keep repeating your affirmation(s) as many times as you can.

Learn more about affirmations.

Need inspiration? Check out 10 Income Generating Affirmations that Work.


When we talk about affirmations, we talk about positive feelings. Feelings generated by our belief in a desirable outcome. The more positive emotions you experience while repeating affirmations, the faster you shall get results manifesting. Arguably the best way to generate those feelings is imagining the perfect picture of what it will be once our request is completed.

If you crave for debt-free life, you should imagine how it would be for you to become financially successful.

Visualization is a great medium for income generation

Your visualization doesn’t necessarily have to be literal. You can instead imagine something that symbolizes income or money for you.

Do you want to move to a bigger house? Or maybe you wish to be able to go on that exotic vacation you never thought possible? What is your vision of financial success? Picture it. Enjoy it, close your eyes if you need to. Allow yourself to feel happiness, joy, and comfort of your dreams coming true.

Although some prefer visualizations to be realistic, you are more than welcome to be creative and use symbolic analogies for the same purpose. For example, if you need to manifest some cash, you can try picturing something like dollar bills falling from the sky directly at your feet or into your hands. I recommend this type of visualization because, in my experience, it gets faster results. It’s okay if it seems a bit cheesy in the beginning, trust me, this works better than anything you tried before.

TIP: Try combining visualization with meditation, especially before falling asleep. Results are usually pretty amazing.

Learn more about visualization.

To recap…

Positive money mindset can significantly affect your life, help you to get out of debt and create new prosperous future, but… You should never rely solely on mindset exercises – practical action steps are equally necessary. You can begin implementing tips from my previous blog post or subscribe to NPY (NewPositivelyYou) free e-mail course to get an insight of efficient money management or apply for Shortcut to Success coaching program. But whatever you choose to do, rest assured, by doing it you choose to act, you choose to resolve your financial problems. And this decision is your first, deciding step towards a better day.

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On that note, I’d like to tell you that if you need support or advice don’t hesitate to contact me over through the contact form. I love receiving your messages and always respond to them. Or you can share your thoughts and comments below. I’m very curious about your experience; did you start implementing any of steps from a previous article or e-mail course? How positive mindset helped you with debt and finances? What other financial relief solutions do you use?

Spoiler Alert! 

Next time I will share my favorite affirmations for financial success. I am pretty sure you are impatient to try them in use, so stay tuned!

>>>>Wishing You Luck, Love and Success!<<<<

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