3 Things All Successful Women Do (And Why You Need to Learn from Them)

Today we are going to talk about those little and big things all successful women do and why it’s vital for you to learn more about them. But first, let’s pause for a moment and think, how this could be related to your path to successful life? Some of you might already know the answer; it might as well be that you are reading this article because you see how such knowledge can benefit you. But if you are still in the dark, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the deal, if women who managed to achieve success are all doing something similar, then it’s reasonable to believe these habits are contributing to their accomplishments at least in some way. Such statement would mean that if you, as well, desire to be successful, it is smart to apply same patterns of behavior to your daily life. Having said that, let’s discover what those habits are and how they can potentially increase your chances of success.


THEY DO: Set clear goals and establish strategies to achieve them.

Setting goals is important for your success

Set SMART goals if you wish to become successful.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Let me reply by asking, can you really achieve anything without setting goals for yourself? The answer is… Well, you will achieve something alright. But in most cases, it will be something you may not have any control of, time-wise, process-wise and overall. Everyone who wants to accomplish anything has to define what exactly they aim for, decide on a realistic deadline and develop a comprehensive action plan to follow.

If you wish to gain control over your life’s events, you have to start setting clear goals. It is a first and utterly vital step you must to take in order to succeed in anything.

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Read more about the importance of goal setting in one of my previous blog posts.

Women who are prominent in business, sports, science, entertainment, you name it, they all had clear goals and ideas on how to attain them. They knew exactly what they wanted and worked hard to get where they are now. These women managed to get to the top in their field even when odds were being stacked against them.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Goal setting can actually be fun and not as hard as everyone thinks. Just take a piece of paper and write what you would like to achieve. It might take time at first, don’t worry it’s only natural. Now go through your list and try answering following questions:

  • Which of these goals could be defined as long-term and which are to be completed sooner? 
  • How realistic are they?
  • Can you think of an action plan to begin attaining them?

Still feel like you need more help with goal setting? Click here to learn more about Shortcut to Success course. 


THEY DO: Manage their time and priorities.

WHY: To be successful, you have to be efficient and to be efficient, you have to learn to manage your time. Time management does not just include making daily (weekly, monthly) plans, it also means that you have to set your priorities straight and learn to say no, to some activities and other people’s requests. I know it might sound unachievable and even too annoying, but two things: it will contribute to your success significantly (I could just stop there), and it is achievable when you are motivated. Still not convinced?

Learn to effectivly manage your time to be successful.

Often time management means saying NO to some people and activities.

As a life coach, when I begin working with new clients, I often advise new disciplines to be included in their daily agenda (such as meditation, affirmations, goal setting and so on). The first response I usually get is similar to: “Oh, I am sure they work just fine, but I do not have free time in my schedule.” Alright, here’s the deal, in our modern stressful and very busy life, nobody has spear time up for grabs. So, what should you do then?

Here’s the bitter truth: you actually have the time needed for these complimentary activities, that include but are not limited to meditation, sports, reading, learning and so on. You have it, but right now you are spending it for something else. Still skeptical about it?

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Try to keep track of literally everything you do during your usual day or even better, a week. Note how much time you spend for every activity? Could you exclude anything? For some it might be watching Netflix, talking on the phone or skype, browsing social media and so on. See, now you have time to spend on something really important. We all have our guilty pleasures, what are yours? (You can even share them in the comment section below).


THEY DO: Take great care of their inside, as well as their outside.

WHY: Being successful also means having a positive outlook on life and taking care of your health and appearance. Here we have three perfect components of healthy self-esteem and self-confidence that are vital for success.

First, positive vibes and motivation are very important for how we perform in life. Sure, you have to stay objective and realistic, but also be willing to show the world how great, talented and skillful you really are. It helps you achieve more, reduces stress and anxiety, and makes you excel in finding creative solutions.

Then, you have to take care of your health. I guess there’s no need to explain all benefits of exercising and keeping your diet balanced. Making the most of your life is a lot easier when you are healthy.

Let your appearance show how confident and successful you are

Being successful also means being healthy, looking classy and keeping a positive attitude about everything you do.

Lastly, you have to look and sound good. I know it might occur a bit shallow, but hear me out. Having pleasant appearance does not necessarily mean that you have to wear tons of make-up, be dressed exclusively in designer clothes and have super fit body. It actually means that your appearance has to be neat. And that is achievable even while your income is still low. The way you present yourself to the world is directly related to your success, because you need to create productive (useful) connections with other people and that is impossible to realize if you look messy.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Let me start by appearance because I feel like some might get me wrong on this subject. What I suggest is; you should stick to simplicity all while being yourself. For example, keeping your outfits balanced without going over the top with too many accessories or making sure that your manicure looks appealing (opt for natural transparent nail polish if you lack time) or dying your hair roots in a timely manner. Well, you get the idea. 

Being successful also means having a positive outlook on life and taking care of your health and appearance. Click To Tweet

To look good, you also need to be healthy. Try not to miss regular check-ups, eat healthy food, exercise at least a little bit, and of course, keep being positive. Achieve a success-oriented state of mind and boost your self-esteem with the help of meditation, affirmations, and other positive mindset techniques.

I hope you like this post, and as always, I encourage you to share your opinions and thoughts. What do you think all successful women do? Which tip seems most useful to you? Would you like me to discuss further something you stumbled upon in this article?

Spoiler Alert

In the upcoming articles you will:

  • learn how to use procrastination to your advantage,
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  • and get a glimpse of something from my personal life.

Meanwhile, feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions or simply if you feel like saying hello 🙂 I am always delighted to receive your messages and respond to each and every one of them.

Thant’s it for now…

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