15 Feng Shui Tips for Wealth and Success

How great would it be to be helped along with our dreams and wishes simply by arranging our surroundings? Well, that in its simplest form is Feng Shui. Feng Shui discusses the principle of arranging your surroundings in order to benefit different areas of your life such as wealth, success, health, children, and many more.

In this post, you will be learning how Feng Shui can help to benefit your life in the areas of wealth and success so if you are pushing for a promotion at work or maybe even a change of career, these tips will be fantastic! Of course, this isn’t a lone system, it also has to be paired with a positive mind-set as well as some hard work and determination but I know that you have that already!

The word itself ‘Feng Shui’ means ‘wind and water’ as this is the two main elements in life that we will always need in life; you cannot survive without air, you cannot survive without water. So, by using these 15 simple tips that I am just about to explain, you will be able to welcome good energy into the home or workplace in order to bring that wealth and success that you are striving towards.


Make sure that all of your doors at home and especially in your office (if you have one!) can open all the way back with ease; nothing should be preventing the door from opening fully. We want to welcome wealth and success into our lives, right? Doors are seen as a symbol for the entry point so if the energy flow cannot get through this entry point, you will not see the benefit. If you are looking around right now and seeing a pile of clutter blocking the entrance to your office, spend a little bit of time clearing it up!


If you feel as though you have reached a dead-end and are not making any progress, move 27 objects in your house and/or office (only objects that haven’t been moved at all in the last year). Moving these objects around the house or office will move dead (stuck) energy and re-open the energy flow around the building. This will have a fantastic effect and you should see a positive change in the area that you were stuck in previously!


You should also keep your office and especially any sort of filing system and drawers free from any clutter. The clutter of any kind will prohibit the energy flow as to where it can go; you want to make sure that it can access everywhere possible to have the best effect. Also, clear drawers and clear filing systems can help to keep your mind clear too which will allow focus on the main goal.


Remember this statement; give in order to receive. The universe is watching and listening and so if you give to charity or are just kind in general, you will be ensuring that at some point in the future, you will see this returned and sometimes even more than you gave. It is important to note that you shouldn’t just give in hopes that the favor will be returned, be charitable with good intentions. If you like dogs, for example, go and help out at the rescue center if a free day appears in the diary!

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Round-shaped objects should be welcomed with open arms as this is one of the most powerful symbols when it comes to success. So the next time you are looking for a new necklace or desk ornament, looking for a round-shaped one will invite success into your life.


Look into your purse or wallet right now, is it messy? Are there receipts hanging all over the place? If this is the case, you should remove all clutter and just keep what is needed as you want to keep space for the money. Red or black wallets should be used and you should avoid the color blue. Also, keeping a mint leaf picture of grapes in the wallet will attract money!


Use small water fountains or features in the home as this will invite money into your life. However, you should avoid placing such items in the bedroom as this can bring bad luck to your romantic life.


Keep your bathroom and toilet clean as well as keeping the doors closed as much as possible. This will help the energy flow to focus in other areas of the house which will have a greater effect.


If you have any broken items in your house or office, these should not be used and if possible, completely removed. Broken items are a symbol of bad luck and will prevent the energy flow from working efficiently. It may finally be time to throw that broken stapler away!


Try to throw the garbage out every day, if this isn’t possible then every other day. Keeping garbage in your home is a form of clutter and so will prevent the energy flow but it also keeps items that are not needed, still in the house and can have a negative effect.


We all love to find beautiful desktop wallpapers for our computers (or maybe the logo of a favorite sports team). Well, the next time you are looking through, try to choose a background that is predominantly green and/or has symbols that represent money. Also, just as waterfall ornaments can help, a waterfall background can do the trick too!


Keep your office or home aerated. This will help to keep the energy flowing around the house and will also help to keep you calm and relaxed.


If you have a favorite t-shirt that has a rip in the sleeve, although it may be hard, it has to go. Any damaged clothing is a huge symbol for poverty and will have the opposite effect to the one that is trying to be achieved.


Put three coins under your door mat and keep the mat clean. The front door is the entry point for energy and so the area has to be clean and by keeping coins under the mat, you are promoting wealth and should see an effect soon.


Having live plants in your home or office will attract both wealth and abundance so should be used regularly. However, you shouldn’t keep live plants in the bedroom as it will lead to your power leak.

So there we have it, they are all super simple, right? There is nothing that cannot be done on that list. You should always stay positive and work hard when applying these tips as they cannot work on their own but as long as you keep that mindset strong and positive and apply these tips, you should see a difference in no time.

Share below what easy Feng Shui success tip is your favorite? And how it worked for you?

Go out there and get that wealth and success that you deserve!

>>>>Wishing You Luck, Love and Success!<<<<


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Hey Alexia,
These tips are so cool and really easy to apply, but I would really like to know more. I mean I am reading your free book right now and it’s cool too. But when do you plan to issue something more? More articles would be great, but… These things work so well for me already and they are quite simple, so I figured maybe a webinar or some kind of a course or coaching would be great? You have something on your mind? Can I write you a private message to ask few questions?

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